Best answer: What do you understand about the early entrepreneurs of India?

What do you know about early entrepreneurs of India?

In Bengal, Dwarkanath Tagore made his fortune in the China trade. In Bombay, Parsis like JDinshaw Petit and Jamsetji Nusserwanjee Tata built huge industrial empires in India. Seth Hukumchand, a Marwari businessman who set up the first Indian jute mill in Calcutta, also traded with China.

What do you know about early entrepreneurs?

(i) The Early Entrepreneurs : Many Indians became junior players in this trade, providing finance, procuring supplies, and shipping consignments. Having earned through trade, some of these business men had visions of developing industrial enterprises in India.

Who were the early entrepreneurs?

18th-century entrepreneurs

  • Anna Elisabeth Baer 1878-1955 (shipping business), Finland.
  • Samuel Crompton 1753-1827 (spinning mule), Great Britain.
  • Caroline Gother 1761-1836 (banking), Sweden.
  • Johns Hopkins 1795-1873 (personal business), USA.
  • Anna Lohe 1654-1731 (banking business), Sweden.

What was China trade 10?

China trade refers to trade with China which the British carried out from India. We may here refer to the triangular trade which was the trade carried out between India, China and the Britain. The trade involved exporting opium from India to China . And from China, it involved buying tea which was taken to England.

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Which among the following was not an early entrepreneur of India?


Why did the early Indian entrepreneurs depend on China trade?

China trade did the early entrepreneurs make a fortune.

Numerous Indians associated with this trade by implementing finance, getting supplies and shipping consignments.

How did Indian industrialist accumulate huge wealth?

Many Indian entrepreneurs earned huge capital from China trade– the trading of opium to China and taking tea from China to England. The Company employed many Indians as junior players in this trade. … Capital was also accumulated through other trade networks.

How did the early entrepreneurs accumulate money in nineteenth century India?

Many of the Indian entrepreneurs, esepcially those who played an important role in the industrial development of India in the latter half of the 19th century, made their fortune in the Opium trade with China. The British exported opium to China in exchange of tea for the British markets.

Who is the successful man in India?

Top ten nominees

Rank Name State
1 B. R. Ambedkar (1891–1956) Maharashtra
2 A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (1931–2015) Tamil Nadu
3 Vallabhbhai Patel (1875–1950) Gujarat
4 Jawaharlal Nehru (1889–1964) Uttar Pradesh