How do I dissolve a CT business?

How do I close a business in CT?

Write the word “FINAL” prominently across the top of the return (OS-114); Fill out the back of the Sales and Use Tax Permit (blue card) with your last date of business, and enclose it with the final return; and. Mail your final return and permit card to the address on the form.

How much does it cost to dissolve an LLC in CT?

There is a $50 fee to file the articles. Your filing usually will be processed within 3-5 business days. You can get expedited processing if you pay an additional $50 fee and use the requisite expedited service request form.

How do I dissolve a sole proprietorship in CT?

Connecticut requires business owners to submit their Certificate of Dissolution by mail, online, or in person. You can also have a professional service provider file your Articles of Dissolution for you. Incfile prepares the Articles of Dissolution for you, and files them to the state for $149 + State Fees.

How much does it cost to dissolve a business?

There is no fee to file the certificate of dissolution. However, there is a non-refundable $15 special handling fee for processing documents delivered in person at the Sacramento SOS office. It can take the SOS many weeks to process a certificate. However, expedited service is available for an additional fee.

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How do I look up a business in CT?

All business entities registered in Connecticut are available to search on Connecticut’s Secretary of State’s website. Enter the name for which you are searching into the search bar, then click search. A list of entities will appear showing the status, filing number, address, and business name.

How do I unregister my business?

File dissolution documents with your state or local government to deregister a business’s legal name. When you legally close your business, you also cancel its legal name. The process for dissolving a business differs by state, and some states do not require sole proprietors and partners to file dissolution documents.

How do I dissolve a single member LLC in CT?

To dissolve your Connecticut LLC, you submit Articles of Dissolution to the Connecticut Secretary of the State, Commercial Recording Division (SOTS). You are not required to use the SOTS form, you may draft your own articles of dissolution.

How do I terminate an LLC?

Filing Dissolution Papers

Just as you filed paperwork with the state to form your LLC, you must file articles of dissolution or a similar document to dissolve the LLC. These papers are filed with the same state agency that handed your original LLC formation—usually the secretary of state.

How do I close an LLC?

To close an LLC, the members need to surrender the authority of the company to do business. They can do this by sending a complete Articles of Dissolution to the secretary of state. However, filing these dissolution papers is one part of closing a limited liability company.

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Do I have to dissolve a DBA?

A DBA or ficticious name abandonment or dissolution must be filed when the business has been closed or converted to a legal entity. When dissolving a DBA publication is required in all states that require publication of the initial DBA filing.

What is a letter of dissolution?

A letter of dissolution is an official notification of the end of a business relationship with a partner, client, vendor, or another party.

How do I get a copy of my articles of organization CT?

How to Order a Certified Copy of Articles of Organization or a Certified Copy of Articles of Incorporation From the State of Connecticut. A certified copy of your Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation can be ordered by fax, mail, email or in person, but we recommend faxing.