How do I name my business LLC?

Should you name your LLC after yourself?

Consider your long-term plans before choosing to name a company after yourself. Selling a business and moving on can be more difficult if the business is named after an individual. … “An eponymous firm may send the message to acquirers that the company is overly reliant on the founder.”

Can I name my LLC my own name?

Registering as an LLC

In general, you can choose any name when organizing your LLC, provided that the name or a similar name is not already in use in your jurisdiction. Generally, you must choose a name that isn’t so similar to an existing business’ name that it might confuse customers.

Can I name my business without an LLC?

It’s the Easiest Way to Register Your Name

If you’re a sole proprietor, filing for a DBA is the simplest and least expensive way to use a business name. You can create a separate professional business identity without having to form an LLC or corporation.

Can I change my LLC name?

To change your LLC’s name, you must file a Certificate of Amendment along with any fee required. … You must file an amendment request only for a legal name change. If you just want a new trade name, you can apply for a fictitious business name, also known as a DBA (“doing business as”).

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Can I LLC myself?

To form an LLC by yourself, you need to reserve a business name, appoint a registered agent, file the Articles of Organization, obtain an Employer Identification Number, and open a business bank account. The time and money you need to file an LLC yourself depend on the state where you are filing.

How do I create a catchy business name?

10 Tips for Creating a Catchy Business Name

  1. Make Up A Word. Some of the most creative businesses today have made up, invented names. …
  2. Make Use Of Alliteration. …
  3. Make It Memorable. …
  4. Make It Short And Sweet. …
  5. Make It Easy To Spell. …
  6. Avoid Slang. …
  7. Combine Words. …
  8. Drop A Letter.

At what point do I need an LLC?

Any person starting a business, or currently running a business as a sole proprietor, should consider forming an LLC. This is especially true if you’re concerned with limiting your personal legal liability as much as possible. LLCs can be used to own and run almost any type of business.

How much does an LLC cost?

The main cost of forming a limited liability company (LLC) is the state filing fee. This fee ranges between $40 and $500, depending on your state.