Question: How much would it cost to start a computer repair business?

How much does it cost to start a PC repair business?

The cost of operating a computer repair business will vary depending on the business model. A home-based repair business can cost as little as $2,000 to $3,000 to start up. A repair business with a brick-and-mortar storefront will cost closer to $10,000, but startup costs are still quite manageable.

Is computer repair business profitable?

However, taking a computer repair shop out on the road is still a viable and profitable endeavor. There are many reasons why there’s plenty of space for entrepreneurs like you to offer mobile computer repairs to individuals and other businesses.

Is PC repair a good business to start?

If you have the know-how, there are many pros to starting a computer repair business. It’s a stable, in-demand service. … Unfortunately, there is also a constant threat of viruses and other issues, especially for those who use their computer to go online. This creates a steady pool of clients.

What equipment do I need to start a computer repair business?

Essential tools used by computer repairing experts for the specific purpose

  • Screwdrivers (Non-magnetic) …
  • ATX Power Supply Tester. …
  • Multi-tester. …
  • Cable testers. …
  • POST Card. …
  • Data-recovery software. …
  • USB network adapter.
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DO YOU NEED A+ certification to start PC repair business?

Get certified

You don’t need a degree to open a computer repair business, but there are several certifications you may want to obtain to prove that you have the necessary expertise and potentially gain a competitive advantage. Some of the more common ones include: CompTIA A+ Technician.

How do computer repair companies get clients?

Computer Repair Business Secrets for Getting Better Clients

  1. Replicate Your Best Clients. You need to find more clients that resemble your current best clients. …
  2. Put Your Clients into Categories to Find Patterns. …
  3. Fine-Tune Your Industry Focus. …
  4. Evaluate Your Professional Background.

How much money can you make fixing computers?

Computer repair technician salary by state

State Name Average Salary
California $61,540
Colorado $56,700
Connecticut $58,230
District of Columbia $66,390

How Much Should computer repair cost?

In New South Wales, you need to shell out about $90/hr for professional computer service and repairs. Meanwhile, computer technicians in Western Australia are charging an average price of around $80/hr for the same type of service.

Is it worth fixing a computer?

A repair will almost always be cheaper than a replacement computer, but if the repair is looking to cost 50-70% of the cost of a replacement then you should always consider the age/condition of the machine before making a decision. … No sense in replacing a machine you love when it can be repaired.

How can I grow my computer business?

4 Ways to Improve Your Computer Service Contract Business

  1. Consider Scalability, Profitability, and Growth. …
  2. Make Sure that Your Computer Service Contract Program is a Win-Win. …
  3. Stay Two or Three Steps Ahead of Your Small Business Clients. …
  4. Only Market to Prospective Clients that Need Computer Service Contracts. …
  5. Action Items.
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How much do electronic repair shops make?

How much profit can an electronics repair business make? An electronics and computer repair business owner can earn from between $27,000 to over $100,000 per year, depending on knowledge and experience. With additional employees specializing in different types of popular devices, profits can increase substantially.