Your question: How do I verify my business name with the CAC?

How do I check if a business name is registered?

There are basic online and offline resources that can assist you in finding registered businesses.

  1. Perform a corporation search by visiting your Secretary of State’s website. …
  2. Click on “Corporations Search” or “Business Entities” on your Secretary of State website to locate the search engine for corporate names.

How can I check if a company is registered in Nigeria?

To check if a company or business is registered, follow this simple steps: Log on to the corporate affairs commission website at and chose the “Public Search” service on the landing page. Click on the square box below the search engine to verify that you are not a robot.

How long does it take for CAC to approve business name?

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has announced the commitment of the commission to register companies within 48 hours, approve names same day and ensure 5-day completion for other post-incorporation services not available electronically.

Can I have the same name as another business?

Two Businesses Can Have the Same Name in Different States

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Because naming rules are limited to one state, businesses formed in different states can have identical names.

How can I verify a business is legitimate?

Check out the company’s address, phone number, and website to make sure they look legitimate. Be aware, though, that it’s pretty easy for a company to get a fake address, phone number, and website. If you can, visit the company’s physical address and talk to the people who work there.

How much will it cost to register a business name in Nigeria?

The CAC official filing fee for the registration of business name in Nigeria is N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira Only). However, where an accredited agent is engaged by the applicant for such registration, the agent will also charge a professional fee for the services to be rendered.

How do I find my NIN number?

How to check your NIN on the phone using USSD code

  1. Go to your phone dialer and dial *346#
  2. The prompt reply will display two options “reply with 1 for ‘NIN retrieval’ or 2 for ‘Cancel’ “
  3. Follow the steps displayed on your screen and provide the required inputs to retrieve your NIN.

How many days does it take to get CAC certificate?


S/No. Service Timeline
3. Certified True Copy of Certificates 5 Working Days
4. Filing and CTC of CAC 2A, 2.1, 3, 7A & Miscellaneous 5 Working Days
5. Search Report 5 Working Days
6. Letter of Good Standing 5 Working Days

How do I register my business name for free?

Can I register a business name for free? No. There are filing fee requirements for reserving a business name, forming a company with one, getting a DBA, and filing an amendment. These fees vary by state.

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How much is it to register a business name?

In most cases, the total cost to register your business will be less than $300, but fees vary depending on your state and business structure. The information you’ll need typically includes: Business name.